Bring back the memories of your youth with one portal designed specifically for you. Reunite with your classmates and stay in touch once again.

Introducing, the first and the only Iraqi classmates service of its kind helping you get in touch with your long time friends.

From your first grade at your elementary school all the way to your last year in your college/university, we have designed this social portal with you in mind!

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Newly Registered Students
Full NameResident of
Noor Taha United Arab Emirates
Fpnzqbg Fpnzqbg FpnzqbgSaint Vincent and Grenadi
Bwdpeaetqlj Bwdpeaetqlj BwdpeaetqljChina
Stephenjet Stephenjet StephenjetcoNorway
Faris Mohammed ZekiIraqView Profile
Aza Alo MohammedCanadaView Profile
محمود ايهاب احمدIraq
عبدالكريم معلهGreece
Txdmqe Txdmqe TxdmqeHungary
Mustafa Mowafaq MohamedIraqView Profile
Lajnnawh Lajnnawh LajnnawhUnited Kingdom
Waleed Abdullah AlhindasSaudi Arabia

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